Jan 27, 2009

Monster.com Is hacked, Usernames and Password stolen!

Monster.com has been hacked exposing usernames and passwords:

Monster Hacked

If you used LastPass and used a generated a password, just login to Monster.com and generate a new one.

If you're part of the majority of the population that uses the same password on every site, you should be worried. Some nefarious characters have your username and password to many of your sites. This is just another concrete example of why your current password management strategy of "none" or "tiered" is a bad idea. Unfortunately this isn't rare, it's the second time it's happened to Monster.com!

Protect yourself -- use a different password on every site with LastPass. Here's the basic instructions on how to use Generated Passwords with LastPass:

Jan 25, 2009

New features in 1.44

Here are some of the new features in our most recent release:

Selective Form Fill - To selectively fill forms, simply use your mouse to highlight only the form fields you would like to fill (by clicking and holding the mouse button while you drag the mouse over the page). Then, use form fill as you normally would, and only the fields you selected will be filled in. This feature has been added to the plugins and also in the bookmarklets.

Drag & Drop on Vault - The local Vault page now handles dragging and dropping of your sites between groups. This should allow you to organize your sites quicker and easier.

Sharing improvements - If you log into your account on https://lastpass.com, you will now see a new 'Friends' tab. This allows you to see who you have shared sites with, what sites they were, and how many times they have been accessed. You also now have the ability to sharing multiple sites at a time and to share with multiple people.

In addition to these changes, some of our translations have been updated (thanks goes out to our volunteer translators). We have added numerous bug fixes and minor improvements (many of which were suggested by you).