Feb 16, 2009

New features in 1.45

Notification Bar shown less - Changed the FormFill/Generate Password/'Log into LastPass' notifications so they are shown only when you click on the first input field rather than on page load. This is in response to some feedback that the notifications were being shown too often. You may revert back to showing on page load if you uncheck 'Show certain notifications only after click' in the Advanced tab in Preferences.

More Vault Improvements - There is now a right click menu available for sites and groups listed on the Vault. You can create subgroups, rename existing groups, move groups, etc. It is pretty powerful and should help you organize your sites more efficiently. This can also be combined with your ability to select multiple sites to perform right click actions on multiple sites at once (such as move, delete and share all).

More Security Options - You can automatically clear copied passwords from the clipboard after a predefined time period, logout automatically after browser has been closed for X minutes, and you have the option to delete your locally cached files.

And as with other recent releases, our volunteer translators have been hard at work to make this available in more languages. We have also fixed a number of bugs that have been submitted by you.