Feb 2, 2010

Are you at risk from the Twitter phishing scam?

TechCrunch reported today that Twitter has locked many users out of their accounts this morning requiring them to reset their password due to concerns of a possible phishing attack: VIEW TECHCRUNCH ARTICLE

The real panic for users isn't so much that their Twitter accounts might have been compromised, but rather that they might have used the identical password with other websites.

If you used LastPass to automatically login to Twitter you are immune from the above mentioned phishing attack since LastPass will only auto-fill and auto-login to sites with a matching domain name. LastPass knows never to send your confidential information to any rogue site that is trying to impersonate twitter.com.

Phishing attacks on popular email and social networking sites seems to be dramatically increasing with no end in site. LastPass users should go one step further in protecting themselves against the next large scale phishing attack: take the LastPass Security Challenge to see what other sites might be at risk from duplicate passwords and then use LastPass to generate secure random passwords to protect your online identity.