Jun 26, 2010

LastPass IE Anywhere Is Here!

We've just released our latest LastPass Premium offering: IE Anywhere!

The IE Anywhere application lets you automatically login to saved sites and fill forms anywhere, at anytime, without having to install a browser plugin. It's free for all LastPass Premium users and is available for immediate download from the LastPass website!

Once copied to a USB drive, IE Anywhere allows you to use LastPass on the go or with your favourite Internet Explorer-based browser . It provides all of the dependable features of LastPass you rely on but without requiring that you install any software onto your computer.

After downloading IE Anywhere to a USB drive, you'll be able to:

Use LastPass with Internet Explorer on any computer without installing any software whatsoever.
Access your LastPass account even on computers you are not allowed to install sofware on (e.g. while at work or at Internet cafes).
Use LastPass with IE Tab in Firefox, Sleipnir, Maxthon, and other browsers based on IE.
Access and manage your sensitive LastPass account data without leaving a trail behind - no files are created and nothing is stored in the Windows registry.

More information about LastPass IE Anywhere is available at the
LastPass IE Anywhere Manual.

If you're already a Premium user, you can download the app directly from the
LastPass IE Anywhere Download

Jun 23, 2010

Native Extension for Safari 5 Released

Some early coverage already leaked to Lifehacker and Download Squad, but now we can officially announce it - we've added a native extension for Safari 5 on Windows and Mac!

Once installed, LastPass appears as a small, grayed-out icon in your toolbar:

Clicking on the icon allows you to login as normal, and from there you can access all regular features of the plugin. Any time you need to access a LastPass feature, simply click on the icon and navigate through the dropdown toolbar:

In order to install LastPass for Safari 5 on Mac or Windows you'll have to enable extensions. If you haven't done so already, follow these steps:

From the Gear Icon on your Safari menu bar, select Preferences:

Click the Advanced tab and check 'Show Develop menu in menu bar':

Close Preferences. Now that the Develop menu is shown in your menu bar, click on it and select 'Enable Extensions':

If you re-open Preferences, the Extension tab is now visible, and you can now manage your Safari extensions!

Jun 22, 2010

New Release for LastPass Tabbed Browser for iPad

Version 1.68.6 of our tabbed browser for Apple's iPad was released to the iTunes Store yesterday!

New features include:

  • Better progress notifications -- now has a bar indicating approximate page loading state
  • Autologout of LastPass on close
  • Prevent caching
  • User Agent override support -- you can get the desktop or the mobile version of sites.
  • Optional Image Blocking for faster loading
  • [Toggle] showing/hiding passwords when editing from vault to make it easier to copy

Resolved issues include:

  • Fixed potential crash in Save All
  • Potential multiple tabs opening for a single link
  • Performance improvements
Thank you for all of the feedback, we continue to make improvements and add features that will increase functionality.

We know many of you would love to use Safari - we would if we could, but it's still not possible right now. We do provide Bookmarklets for Safari which is the maximum functionality currently possible in the native browser. Thanks for your support in working around these limitations!