Jan 31, 2011

LastPass One Million User Giveaway: An Apple iPad and Two $100 Amazon Gift Cards

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You can also retweet our #LoveLastPass hashtag, or send us a postcard using registered mail.

The giveaway starts now and ends at 5:00pm EST, Monday, February 28th, 2011. For more information, see our Giveaway Terms and Conditions.

To the one million LastPass-ers and counting: We "LIKE" you, too!

The LastPass Team


We've now received the iPad 2 we'll be giving away to the winner of our LastPass 1 million user giveaway, an upgrade from the iPad!

The reason this hasn't be delivered yet is that LastPass users were able to submit an entry to the giveaway by liking us on Facebook, sending us a post card or tweeting some LastPass love. All 3 winners fell under Facebook's random range, but unfortunately, we ran into a bug in Facebook that has prevented us from identifying the giveaway winners chosen at random from the total pool of submissions.

We filed a bug report with Facebook in February and have been attempting to convince them to resolve it for over a month. Sadly, this Facebook bug still hasn't been fixed. Perhaps if more people submit that they can't go past page 100 on fan listing pages at this bug report page:


we might convince Facebook to fix it sooner. We didn't see this before the contest started because we had less than 10,000 fans at that time.

We're very sorry that this delay has occurred, and we have tried our best to avoid disappointing our users. We hope that with your continued support, we can more quickly win over Facebook and send our lucky winners their treats!

The LastPass Team