Jun 9, 2011

Windows Phone 7 Update

The latest version of the LastPass app for Windows 7 has now been published!

Amongst the improvements are:
  • Multiple bug fixes, such as improved support for multitasking
  • Copy + paste support, now that Microsoft has built this into the platform
As mentioned in our previous post, you can launch the app and login to your LastPass account to view a full list of your stored sites. A small menu appears at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to select "launch mode" symbolized by a lightning bolt, in which tapping a site launches it in the embedded browser, or "details mode" symbolized by lines of text, in which tapping a site allows you to view the data saved in the site entry.

The new copy-paste functionality improves the ability to use LastPass to login to other apps and transfer data to other locations. To use the new feature, simply login to your account to launch your vault. Once in "details mode" in the vault, you can tap on a site entry to bring up the "edit" view of the site. If you tap on the little bar with the ellipsis (three dots) at the bottom of the screen, you can select the "show password" option, which allows you to see the password instead of the encrypted dots. You can then double-tap on the password field, and once the text is highlighted you can select the "copy" image that appears right above.

This automatically copies the password to the clipboard. You can now navigate to another app, for example, by tapping the "Windows" button on your phone to then paste the password information to an app's login.

We'll continue to roll out improvements to the app and incorporate new features, such as grouping of sites.

Update your app today to check out these updates!