Oct 12, 2011

Moving to a New Email Address? Update LastPass, too!

There's no doubt moving is an intensive process. One time-consuming but important task is to send off your new address to all of your contacts and make a list of all the bills and services you'll need to update. Moving in the digital world is no different! If you're transferring over to a new email address, don't forget to update your LastPass account if the previous email address will no longer be valid or accessible.

A valid email address for your LastPass account is very important. Security notifications, records of changes to your sites, and updates from LastPasss will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

If you've also enabled a "security email address" for your LastPass account, double-check that it's up-to-date. Emails to enable or disable multifactor authentication devices and other security steps may be sent to your security email address.

You can update your LastPass email address at any time by clicking on your LastPass Icon, selecting 'My LastPass Vault', and clicking on the 'Account Settings' link at the top right of your vault. You'll see a field containing your current email address, which you can replace and then confirm by submitting your LastPass master password. To update your security email address, go through the same steps, but click on the 'Security' tab, where you'll see your current security email address. Again, replace the field with an updated email, then confirm by entering your LastPass master password.

LastPass also makes it easy to identify other sites that you'll need to update. By searching for your old email address in your LastPass vault, you'll see which entries have it registered as a username or account email address. As you go to each sites and update your email address, confirm the changes to the entries saved in LastPass when prompted by the LastPass notification bar.

Enjoy your new digital home!

The LastPass Team