Jan 23, 2012

LastPass for Windows Phone 7 Update: Edit, Add Sites and Secure Notes

Along with improving the overall performance of the app, our latest update to LastPass for Windows Phone 7 addresses one of our most heard user requests: the ability to update and add sites and secure notes!

After logging in to the LastPass app, you'll see an updated vault view. Although similar to previous versions with your sites listed by Groups, you'll now see an "Edit" link next to each site entry. Tapping "Edit" allows you to view, update, or copy-paste from the site entry:

As before, tapping on a site name launches the site in the LastPass browser.

If you tap the ellipsis (three dots) from the main vault view, you'll also notice an updated menu. "Add Secure Note" and "Add Site" are now listed as options, allowing you to add new data to your account:

The update to the Windows Phone 7 app is just the latest improvement to increase mobile functionality for LastPass users. More updates and improvements on the way!

The LastPass Team