Apr 6, 2012

FYI: SSL certificate update shortly

We have a planned SSL certificate replacement shortly.

While we don't anticipate any problems with the switch, if you experience anything we'll be monitoring the comments on this post.

For the curious the new certificate is from Thawte and is an EV (extended validation) cert.

UPDATE:  This is now live, so if you notice problems please let us know.

Apr 3, 2012

LastPass for iOS Update: Rotation Support for iPad, More Security Options

In addition to incremental improvements of the overall functionality and user interface of the app, our latest update to LastPass for iOS provides more fine-grained control of the timeout and pin code options, and includes one of our most-heard user requests: rotation support for the app on the iPad!

Here are the specifics:

Logoff After Idle

Previously, you could enable the option to automatically logoff your account on close of the LastPass app. We've now added the option to automatically logoff when the app goes idle for a period of time, so even if the app is running in the background your LastPass session can still be killed after a period of inactivity.

To enable the setting, login to the LastPass app, tap the "More" button, and tap to the Settings menu. Select the "Never logoff when idle" option to set a time limit. The next time you multitask away from LastPass and pass the time limit, your LastPass session will end and you will be asked to login the next time you launch the app.

Require Pin After Idle

For those who find themselves frequently multitasking back and forth between LastPass and other apps, you can now fine-tune the use of the pin code option to avoid constantly re-entering it. Previously, users could enable the pin code prompt, and would be required to re-enter it whenever multitasking back to the LastPass app.

Now, you can enable the pin code prompt, but also select a time limit to delay re-prompting of the pin code. This will allow you to more easily copy-paste app logins or other data, while still protecting your LastPass account with the pin code prompt after the time period has lapsed.

When you tap the More menu to open the Settings menu, you can tap the "Require pin after returning from background" option to set a customized time limit.

Note that if the time limit enabled for the pin code reprompt is more than the time selected for the "Require pin after idle" option, the autologoff option will override the pin code prompt. You will then be logged off of the app by default and will be required to log back in as opposed to just entering the pin code.

Complete Rotation on the iPad

The LastPass Premium iOS app now supports rotation in the vault view and across all of our menus for increased functionality on the iPad. Part of our Premium upgrade, the app allows users an alternative for accessing data and logging in to sites via the iPad.

And more!

After logging in to the LastPass app, you'll see that some of our graphics and menus have received a bit of a polish - many are now larger to make it easier to tap through options. We also continue to make improvements and bug fixes. For example, we've added support for mobile policies for Enterprise users, including enforcement of the pin code prompt, autologoff after idle, and disallowing the "remember password" option.

We're working hard to bring more updates and improvements to our mobile apps and browser addons - stay tuned!

The LastPass Team