Nov 1, 2012

LastPass for Windows 8 Gets an Update!

An update to the LastPass Windows 8 app has been published to the Windows Store and is now available for download!

As we promised previously, we've added a number of improvements, including:
  • A favorites folder in the vault
  • The password generator
  • Support for password reprompt settings for editing and filling sites
  • Improved appearance of the master password reprompt dialog
  • A "do not prompt" option to the master password reprompt dialog
  • Adding the appbar to the browser, with a more obvious way to return to the vault and log out
  • Automatically showing the appbar for new accounts, to guide you on what to do next
  • A warning on login if caps lock is on
  • A server-side change to enable shared folders and linked personal accounts for Enterprise users
In addition to reviewing initial feedback from users, we've also implemented a number of minor improvements and fixes, such as a parsing error reported by some new users and a fix for type-to-search activating when master password reprompt dialog is showing

What do you think of the update? Let us know in the comments below - and be sure to leave a review in the app store!