May 17, 2013

Make Password Management Easier on Android with These Tips

In the inaugural post for our series featuring questions asked by LastPass users, this week's question is:
"I would like a lot more detail on how to make the LastPass Android app work with apps that require logons and passwords. I love how LastPass works on my laptop and desktop machines; using it here has been second nature to me. But I find myself logging onto my phone's LastPass app and cutting and pasting. Surely there's a better way?" - Keith K.
A great question, since the mobile experience is inherently different than the desktop experience. Because the mobile platforms are more closed, we can't integrate into the mobile browsers and apps as easily. This means that LastPass can't "see" into those other browsers and apps in order to fill your data there, unless you're using Dolphin Browser or Firefox Mobile on Android, for which we do offer addons. The LastPass app does allow you to login, view your stored data, and tap an entry to launch it within the LastPass app, where LastPass can fill the data and you can login to your sites.

Copy-paste is one option for logging in on other apps or browsers. On Android, if you long-tap on a site entry in your LastPass app vault, you can choose the "copy username" or "copy password" options to then multitask back to another browser or app and paste there.There are, however, a few other alternatives on Android that may be more useful for your workflow.

LastPass Copy Notifications

There are two ways to activate the copy notifications:
  1. In the LastPass app, tap and hold on a site entry and select "copy notifications"
  2. The username and password fields will appear as notifications in your phone's notification bar
  3. Drag down the bar to tap the "copy username" notification
  4. Paste your username in the browser or app where you want to fill your data
  5. Repeat those copy-paste steps with the password
You can also set the "copy notifications" feature to be the default action for tapping your site entries in the LastPass app vault. In the vault, tap your device's "menu" button, select the "More" menu, then open the "Preferences", and set the "Default site action" to "Copy Notifications".

LastPass Input Method

The LastPass input method allows you to switch to a LastPass keyboard that has a special button for autofilling your passwords in other apps or browsers. To get started:
  1. Enable the LastPass Input method in your LastPass app Preferences menu
  2. Multitask to the app where you want to login
  3. Long-tap in the app field, and select "Input"
  4. Tap the LastPass option to switch your keyboard
  5. Tap the asterisk button in the keyboard to display any matching logins
  6. Select the entry you want to use, and submit the login for the app
You can then switch your keyboard back at any time by long-tapping in a field, selecting the Input option, and switching to the default or another keyboard.

We continue to look at ways to expand the feature set on mobile, and to expand integration with other browsers and keyboards (for example, we're waiting on Google to provide support for addons in Chrome mobile). Hopefully these tips will help improve your workflow on Android!

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