Nov 13, 2013

LastPass 3.0: Saving and Filling Logins

With LastPass 3.0, we’ve made some big improvements to how LastPass integrates with your browser experience. LastPass 3.0 is designed to be accessible, and simpler overall - offering what you need, where and when you need it.

Here are some tips on saving and filling your logins with LastPass 3.0:

Let’s say I’m signing up for a new Evernote account. I launch, and open the signup page.

On this form, LastPass has offered a “profile” icon. If I click this, I will see my form fill profiles. If I have an email address and username stored in a profile that I prefer, I can easily select that profile to fill in those details.

Or, I can manually enter an email address and username.

Now I can click the generate password icon, to generate a strong password. I click the “use password” button to enter it into the field.

Next I select “save password to vault”. The dialog expands to show me the data I’m about to save.

I can assign it to a group, then click “save site”. A moment later, a confirmation dialog will pop up on the top right of the browser.

I’m done! When I return to, the LastPass icon will have a “1”, meaning I have 1 entry stored for

Now when I go to a site where I have an account, or multiple accounts, I’ll see the asterisk in the username and password fields.

Clicking the asterisk, I’ll see the list of my accounts, and I can easily select the one I need, then submit the login.

You can access all of the LastPass tools by selecting the red asterisk to expand the menu.

The "+" icon on the top left will let me expand the “save site” dialog.

If I go to a site, and the icons do not appear for any reason, I can click the LastPass icon, select the “show matching sites” menu, and select the login I need to autofill.

In this way, the new interface gives me quicker access to the tools I need, as I’m going about my daily online life.

If you’ve tried out LastPass 3.0 and still prefer the previous notification bars for the time being, please use our tool here: to switch your settings back to “2.0 mode”.