Feb 17, 2014

LastPass Updated with Performance Improvements

A LastPass update for all browsers is available. For most users, updates should go through automatically, though they can also be found on our downloads page here: https://lastpass.com/download

In the wake of our launch of LastPass 3.0, we’ve been working to make things faster and more powerful. Today’s release includes a number of bug fixes, performance enhancements, and fine-tuning of the product. For a full list of noted fixes and changes please see our release notes.

In addition, LastPass Premium users will enjoy some new features. On Android, the LastPass Premium app now supports the LastPass Security Challenge:

If you haven’t used this feature via the Tools menu of the desktop extension, the LastPass Security Challenge gives you a comprehensive overview of the data stored in your vault. The results identify all of your weak and duplicate passwords, and even alert you if your email address may have been involved in a breach, like Adobe’s in 2013. Now this great tool is at your fingertips!

Our Windows Phone users can also enjoy more multifactor authentication options with the LastPass mobile app, including Duo, Toopher, and Transakt by Entersekt.

We've got more changes in the works, so stay tuned!