Nov 6, 2014

Now Use Touch ID to Unlock Your LastPass App

Less than two months after our first app update for iOS 8, which debuted support for the LastPass Safari extension and Touch ID integration, we’re thrilled to let our community know that you can now unlock your LastPass app with Touch ID, too.

Following our initial release, we listened to your feedback and focused our efforts on bringing the features you’ve asked for, further improving the overall experience on iOS. That’s why our update focused on Touch ID improvements that include clearer settings and a simplified way to unlock the LastPass app with your fingerprint.

When first logging in after the update, you'll be given the option to use Touch ID to login to LastPass. Once you opt in, Touch ID is automatically enabled for your LastPass app. You can manage your preferences at any time in the app’s menu under “Settings” where you can toggle “Use Touch ID”.

Next time you multitask back to the LastPass app, you’ll be prompted to enter your fingerprint in place of entering your master password or PIN code. It’s a more convenient experience for you, while maintaining the security and privacy of your LastPass account.

The app update features additional usability improvements, including better interface support on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as new copy-paste notifications that eliminate the need for an additional touch. When using the LastPass built-in browser, the matching sites menu is updated to allow for easier filling of passwords and form fields, too.

Grab these new features by downloading or updating the LastPass app from the App Store on your smartphone or tablet running iOS 8. If you’re not using LastPass Premium yet, a free 2-week trial is available for the LastPass app so you can try these features before you upgrading for unlimited mobile access and sync.

Nov 3, 2014

Are You Ready for the Online Shopping Season?

With Halloween behind us and Cyber Monday four weeks away, the holiday shopping season is officially here. This year, 56% of shoppers are expected to buy online and spend $800 on average. That’s a lot of purchases! And every gift purchased means reentering your personal details over and over again as you complete the buying process.

That’s why it’s essential to have LastPass ready to help you, so you can make this year’s shopping easier. Form Fill simplifies online shopping by instantly filling in those repetitive shipping, billing, registration, and payment details for you. It also means you're not restricted to the major e-commerce sites that already have your credit card details saved. The best deals are often found outside the major Internet retailers!

Start preparing now with these tips on using LastPass Form Fill, so you can save precious time this holiday season:

Add a Form Fill Profile.

You can add a Form Fill profile at any time from the LastPass Icon’s Form Fills menu, or from the LastPass vault under the “Actions” menu.

Complete the profile with your first and last name, email address, shipping address, credit card, and more. Use the “Name” field to clearly label each profile, so you’ll know which one you need at a glance.

If you have more than one credit card or debit card, or more than one shipping or billing address, simply create a profile for each so you can mix and match as you shop online.

Use a Form Fill Profile.

Once you’ve created your Form Fill profiles, you’ll be able to use them on any form. When you’re checking out, for example, you’ll see a profile icon in one of the fields on the page.

Clicking the profile icon opens a menu listing your stored profiles, and you simply click the profile you want to use for that form. LastPass instantly fills in all the details for you!

If the Form Fill icon doesn't appear in the field, you can also fill at any time from the LastPass icon Fill Forms menu and select your profile of choice.

The Easiest Way to Shop.

LastPass Form Fill is a life-saver as you shop online this holiday season. Using Form Fill means less typing, less reaching for your wallet, less hassle as you make your purchases. It also means LastPass is there to help you create and store any new online accounts.

Add a profile today and set yourself up for a more enjoyable online shopping experience this holiday season!